[ The unusual ]

Currently I am following a TV comedy series which most of us would know: Modern Family. It portrays the modern life stories of one BIG family consisting of three smaller families or maybe we could call them “subfamilies”. It is funny how each subfamily has its own streak despite originating from the same root. Yeah, I like how the story plot is somewhat close to home. Not really in Asia.

Anyway, I was watching the first episode of the second season earlier today and discovered something unusual in the series (watch it!). Guess what? There was the adding-salt-to-chocolate-milk scene! I found it really amusing as well as very random, and therefore I decided to blog about it. Very often we encounter the unusual in our mundane life but fail to notice it because it has become usual. I don’t know about you but I am constantly looking for some rarities.

To make your life easier, especially if you have never watched Modern Family before, do take note of the following: Gloria is the mother of Manny, a 13-year old boy who seems too mature for his age. Additional irrelevant information, both of them are Colombians. Interesting culture and food. Kelly is Manny’s new girlfriend (?) who is coming over to his house “to study the life cycle of silk worms” (that was what he said).

The scenario goes on like this:

Gloria: Who wants chocolate milk?

Manny: Sure, Mom.

Gloria: So how is it going?

Manny: Great! Kelly’s moving her stuff into my notebook.

Gloria: This is sudden.

Kelly: It just felt right. Oh, you know what you should do? Put a pinch of salt in the chocolate milk, it really brings out the flavor.

Gloria: Salt is for the popcorn.

Manny: That sounds good.

Gloria: You wouldn’t like it.

Kelly (defiantly): Maybe we should let Manny decide.

Gloria: Okay, here’s the salt. We’ll see what he likes.

Manny tries both.

Manny: Wow! That’s good! Try it, Mom.

Gloria: I don’t care for it.

The hilarious part is that Gloria tells the camera after the conversation that the chocolate milk added with salt is actually delicious! :) The very short clip of that can be found here: http://youtu.be/O74KV_xT200

After watching that particular part, I became really curious about the scientific explanation behind the unusual outcome of these two ingredients combined. To satisfy my curiosity, I started reading a few online articles and here is my conclusion:

  • Chocolate milk contains fat and protein
  • Grilled steak, for example, also contains fat and protein
  • Grilled steak goes great with salt
  • Therefore, chocolate milk also goes great with salt

That should make sense, right?

Personally I have not tried it yet. I will.


Leave a comment below if you will or have already experimented with this and let me know the taste of it.



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