[ Unfortunate incidents do happen, and I need miracles ]

If some of us believe that life is a bed of roses, it might be true. Life is indeed a bed of roses, thorny roses. Do not worry, my friend. We will get stronger as the thorns penetrate deep into the palms of our feet. Ouch!

I was playing basketball yesterday afternoon, with a bunch of friends I regard as my family, after an approximately four long years having never touched that heavy orangish ball with black ribs forming a pattern on the surface. And then, bam! The unfortunate incident took place. On the middle finger of my right hand. Now I have got my finger jammed; the kind of injury professional athletes often experience. It was the same thing that happened to me, only that I’m an amateur.

The knuckle is now swollen like a pregnant watermelon and the colour of the lower part of the finger is sort of red-bluish. Full bending of the finger is nearly impossible. I was uncertain of what to do with my poor medium-sized middle finger at first, and a few moments later I resolved to see the online doctor through www.google.com. The most common recommended advice is RICE (not by eating rice of course) which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. I am doing that.

  1. Rest – I’m putting my finger at rest. Well, while flipping through my notes because tomorrow I’ll have to sit down for an exam, and while typing this.
  2. Ice – I thought a patient with a jammed finger is given the luxury to consume ICE cream to ease the pain. Turns out, I am supposed to massage the swollen part with ice and lick the ice once in a while when bored (no, no, just kidding). :D
  3. Compression – The injured finger is to be wrapped with a bandage/ tape/ ribbon (if you don’t have the previous two) to the adjacent finger in such a way that it looks like the latest fashion of the day. This is to reduce the amount of swelling.
  4. Elevation – I’m trying to keep the jammed finger higher than the level of the heart, most of the time, like a fool. This is roughly how I look like, walking around. Like a literally all-time volunteer.

Feel free to follow this recipe if you have got a jammed finger (or toe) too, at your own expense. Oh, as for a jammed toe, you have to lift your leg, not your hand, above the heart.

Lastly, I want to rest my finger for real now. Please help pray for some miracles to happen, my friend, so that I can write for my exam tomorrow. The kind of miracle is probably something like the cancellation of tomorrow’s exam paper, possible?



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