[ Three reasons why you’d like to have a younger sister(s) ]

Stop complaining about your siblings. We are in the same boat if you are the oldest sibling in the family. We are still in the same boat, only at different timing, if you have older and younger siblings. We use distinct methods of transport if you are the only child or the youngest in the family. Kidding. :D Wherever you are, I want to tell you three reasons why you may want to ask your parents to give you a younger sister or to transform your current younger brother to a sister. This is especially true when the age gap between you and your sister is more than five years. Trust me, I am speaking from experience.

1. With a younger sister, you can share anything

I used to play alone with my rugged dolls, cooking sets, and mini wooden building blocks up till I was six. When my sister came into the picture, those past lonely experiences just faded away and I barely remembered how having fun on my own was not really fun. After six years of monopolizing all the toy collections in the house, I had to learn about sharing at last. What used to be mine and mine alone became hers ours and I did not get the idea at that time why my parents would let her have my favourite things, but I do now.

The answer lies in the present days. We have all grown up and are too mature to fight over some things. Sometimes we just have to let go. It is like when I let my sisters have all my colour pens because the inks would not come out or when I offered them my story books which I have read for the hundredth time and got bored of them or when I gave the remaining portion of my slice of pizza because I was simply too full to eat anymore. I have passed my teenage days, my sister her childhood, and the youngest is still in her most glorious moment where she could just cry and get what she wants. Nevertheless, we have been trying our best to share. We have shared tears and laughter, our saddest and joyful stories, our likes and dislikes.

2. With a younger sister, you feel relaxed

A few days ago my younger sister and I were having ache all over the body from back to shoulders and arms. I realized the culprit was the experiment we had with a friend’s newly purchased Xbox which has this Kinect function. We got so excited that we played many times despite not being the only two guests in her house (a.k.a. being thick-skinned).The dancing game was exceptionally addictive with all the funky, funny, sexy, weird moves we were to perform in the similar way the avatar did. The best part, unglamorous snapshots of us swaying to the music were taken by the sensor device without us knowing. We only thought of the fun at that time and did not have any considerations whatsoever about consequences that we were likely to have on our body.

What we did not wish came true the next day. It was unbearable even to get up from our bed, the muscles worked too hard. I could not predict how many days it would take for the pain to completely disappear. In the evening that day I bluntly asked my youngest sister to help me massage my back, shoulders, and arms because I noticed she had done her homework and was loitering around the room. Helping me was definitely better than doing nothing, right? To my feigned surprise, (I knew that) she agreed and I told her she would be well-equipped to be a masseuse someday if she really did not know what to do for her future. In any case, a younger sister really brings you relaxation literally.

3. With a younger sister, you get stronger 

There is nothing more educative than having a younger sister to train. You surely can get stronger not only academically but also emotionally. It is a common scene that your sister will come to your desk asking you to help her solve mathematic equations or some other homework. The point is it sort of forces us to recapitulate what we have learnt in our younger years and transfer that information into her brain. Although we often make use of the information technology to refresh our memory (human can forget too), it drives us to learn again. As a result, our knowledge on algebra or World War II or human circulation system gets sharpened and (hopefully) she can get smarter.

About the emotional aspect, it can be rather frustrating most of the time but that is what makes you “formidable”. We will get used to the kind of treatment that others will give us because we have trained ourselves to endure that at home. The arguments, quarrels, disagreement that we had over the years have shaped us into what we are today and those fortunately bring us closer as we realized our flaws and mistakes. Blood is thicker than water anyway. Excuse the shouting and screaming involved and take that as a positive lesson that it strengthens the vocal cord.

Alright, I do not know whether you are convinced to have a younger sister now but I hope you get the illustration of how demanding it is to be the oldest, with all the advantages aside. I also apologize for the delayed suggestion that this post is notably more applicable if you are a female. You should have known early in the second paragraph, shouldn’t you? I mean, which male in this world would have rugged dolls and cooking sets to play with during his childhood, right? (Oops, did you?)

Please share if you have any other reasons or perhaps you have completely different opinions. :)



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