[ The grey stalkers ]

Stalking is a rough way of saying that you are watching over someone closely, too closely that it becomes a horrid habit which propels you to carry out awful actions. Not only do humans stalk the persons they like or hate through the online media but animals also do that, except not via online platform. The animal I am interested in here is the grey creature that howls and bites, yes, the grey wolves. This sudden liking appeared when I watched the movie “The Grey” starring Liam Neeson and others (well, he is the only one I have ever heard of).

It was nothing further than a mediocre movie and I noticed some flaws in the movie which I assume are not worthy to mention. I am not in the position to point out those things anyway. A typical stranded-in-a-place-and-tried-to-survive movie, I thought it was a plus point that they added in some life lessons in between the story line. That is to stay as far away as possible from stalkers especially if they are grey in colour, or at least that was the precious lesson I caught from the two-hour movie. Oh, one more thing, stay back in the cinema studio until the post-credits scene because I missed it. :(

The link below is the access to the trailer of “The Grey”:


It is true that humans and wolves cannot live peacefully together. As for the reason why, I shall study further. However threatening and lacking of sense of coexistence they are to and with humans, there are some facts regarding these grey stalkers that I found amusing. They are almost extinct and thus before we no longer have these creatures to watch over us, let us briefly stalk them first and identify any lesson we can learn from them.

  • Fact: Wolves are the largest wild dog family ever and they are extremely social since they do most activities as a pack which consists of eight to fifteen members.

Lesson: Stay as a family or in a big group and you will become BIG (hopefully not in physique but in heart).

  • Fact: Wolves are divided into different ranks with alpha wolves being the highest and omega the lowest, based on the amount of social freedom they have which is determined by personality or attitude rather than size or physical strength.

Lesson: Do not use physical violence as a way to be respected but rather have an awesome attitude.

  • Fact: Wolves communicate to one another by howling either to declare a territory as theirs, warn their mates of the imminent danger or even as a way to strengthen their social bonds.

Lesson: Communicate using proper language and tone with the people around you so as to convey your intended message, and do not howl.

  • Fact: Wolves are able to detect their prey by the sense of smell at a distance of up to three kilometers away.

Lesson: It is fortunate we do not have a nose like a wolf does.



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