[ That moment when… ]

I do not know about you but I find it challenging to be in that moment when you are talking about something of your interest with your friend while (he/ she) is graciously under the spell of (his/ her) own flat and thin radiation-emitting and touch-screen device.

It is completely fine to multitask. Just how long can (he/she) last without ignoring the living entity standing beside (him/ her) talking so eagerly? How far can (he/ she) do that until (he/ she) is sunken deep into the ocean of (his/ her) screen and all (he/ she) can hear is the music of the game (he/ she) is playing?

At the moment you begin to suspect (his/ her) stationary behaviour towards you, you stop to ask (him/ her) whether (he/ she) is listening and the surprising answer that you get is “YES” when you know that you know in your heart it is a definite “NO”.

And then you complain to (him/ her) that (he/ she) is not paying attention and is more interested in the non-living object gently cuddled in between (his/ her) fingers than you who have been a buddy to (him/ her) since primary school. As expected, (he/ she) replied with an awkward sentence in a nonchalant manner.

At present, you have two options to choose from to tackle this situation immediately.

Option 1: Grab (his/ her) source of distraction with sufficient amount of force that will not hurt (his/ her) beloved device.

Option 2: Call (his/ her) phone by using your own, of course, so that (he/ she) stops the impolite gesture to show in a conversation.

If you were given the privilege to go through that experience, which option would you have?

Please share if you have any creative ideas to shrewdly handle the situation. :)



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