Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

The contrast of a sweet old couple holding hands and quietly standing apart from the crowd during one lantern festival night in Palmerston North.

The contrast of the moonlight in the beautiful violet-blue sky makes the surrounding shine ever brighter.

The contrast created by the Bungy Jump attraction, which normally exists in a serene remote place, in the hustle and bustle of city streets.

The contrast is evident by the dazzling light that overshadows the Queen.

The contrast between the antique and the modern transports on a street in Singapore.

The contrast of the raw reddish-orange tomato sitting on top of the spaghetti covered in black squid ink sauce elegantly served in a Japanese restaurant.

The colour contrast among each of the handmade “ingredient” produced using Play-Doh which, when grouped together, resembles a meal one would savor to save the hungry stomach.

The contrast which allows the darkness to worship the luminous fountain and turn the centre of attention of the whole town to itself.



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