[ Thought precedes action.. in some cases ]

Every time we go to our relatives’ house or visit the elders in our family, word of wisdom including the concept of thinking before taking action is inescapable. Be it from as serious matters as accepting one’s proposal to marry to trivial things like buying the one dress we have been eyeing for ages. It is fortunate that they do not wish for us to stumble upon mistakes after mistakes that they, too, might have made in the past. Nevertheless, these mistakes often are what we can learn from after all the disheartening aftermaths.

I cannot help but smirk whenever I reminisce over the incident that happened to three of us yesterday evening. It should be labeled as “The Attractive Case of Bean Bag” since it attracted many gazes and grins from the passers-by. It began with our amusement towards the bean bag chair in one of the furniture shops in town after walking quite a distance. We plunged into the submissive bean bag which surprisingly gave us such a comfort to our legs that we could be empowered to run five miles afterwards. But I still prefer to build a nest there, though.

Back to the “attractive” part of the story, my two friends who are staying together decided to bring one bean bag chair home in the end. It was really cozy, I tell you, that your bottom would hate to part with the bean bag chair. We really put our thought into purchasing the lovable chair by inquiring the salesperson how to wash, how to store, adjust the firmness of the bean bag, and everything else. However, we left out the most important thing: how to transport it home. Take a cab! Well-said, but let us see what actually happened.

We flagged down a blue sedan taxi, confident enough to squeeze the somewhat bulky bean bag into the car trunk. Far from our expectation, even a quarter of it barely fit into the car no matter how forcefully we pushed. As a result, the taxi driver REJECTED us. We did not lose hope, of course, because we knew there were no other alternatives. It was impossible for us to take train or bus due to the massive size of the thing. We pressed on.

When we saw the Toyota Wish taxi, we sensed a glimmer of hope. We stopped the taxi, keeping our fingers crossed for a while, and then helped the bean bag to mount the cab. We kept giggling throughout the journey home (perhaps as expression of satisfaction) as the bean bag sat restfully on our lap, unaware of the challenges it created for it to tag along with us. Another hurdle was to unpack it. Oh well, that was still not as demanding as the boldness we had to portray and the embarrassment we had to bear.

See how huge the bean bag is! (Credit to my friend who was willing to model for me)

The unpacking of bean bag chair

Voilà, the effortful bean bag chair!

In “The Attractive Case of Bean Bag”, we did not think first before we acted. We merrily dragged the huge bean bag from the third floor, where the shop is located, down to the taxi stand and flagged down a cab with an unwary heart. Only when we could not manage to squeeze the bean bag into the cab did we start thinking why we did not bother to ask whether there was any (free) delivery service provided by the shop or whether the gigantic bag could have its place in the cab trunk. What a mistake! But we had fun.

The take-away lesson is the cliché think all the possible scenarios first before you act but if, only if, you do not mind a little bit of spice in your life journey, do otherwise. :)



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