Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

The following pictures describe my perception of “unusual” i.e. the concept of being phenomenal, directing a few seconds of your concentration to the one object or scene that mesmerizes your very eyes.

The kind of mushroom you normally discover in fairy tales was found in a highland in Napier, New Zealand.

A herd of black swans in the lake individually swims around forming a black archipelago.

The Five Flower Lake in Sichuan, China where you can see fallen tree trunks clearly at the bottom of the lake.

It was a rare chance to adore such a lovely leaf in Simalem Resort, Medan, Indonesia.

Unsightly pieces of junks have been resting in Monash University, Melbourne, Australia as an expression of art.

If only the sparkling reflections on the surface of the lake were real diamonds.

The mud kept blobbing and created a sensation that you will experience when you make hard-boiled eggs.



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