[ Top three adventurous activities I’d love my heart to jump ]

The adventure I am about to discuss here is not the one in which you are stranded in an island with the name you cannot even properly spell and you happen to bring all the necessary stuff required for survival in your backpack but water and food. There, you build a shelter strong enough to withstand the heat of the Sun, heavy rain and storm for yourself out of tree branches you somehow manage to find and construct so easily. You satisfy your hunger and thirst by possessing a hunting skill you have never learned before for edible wild animals and drinking sea water which you have evaporated for the salt to be left behind somehow. After that, the smoke from the fire you create by producing friction between two tree branches help to signal to the rescue team, whom you never thought they would know you have in fact gone missing, about your location after a few days and in the end you have the happy ending of being alive.

Although all that sounds familiarly intriguing (I guess my mind is corrupted with too many movies of that sort of genre), let us face the reality. I am talking about the feasible activities where you can actually search online for the best place/ experience/ method to do these heart-pumping adventures. I thought it might be useful to post this kind of stuff for the thrill-seeking readers out there. It can also apply for those who want to conquer fear of firsts, fear of height or any kind. Now I have done my homework. Oh, please take note of my warning that these may involve a generous sum of money (and especially guts). In addition, it may also require a lot of clicking to external websites (I need them for information!).

  1. Bungee jumping

The first question that landed into my mind upon hearing “bungee jumping” was whether the bungee cord would be strong enough to support my heavy weight. I am always curious to feel what it is like to have myself connected to a stationary support by only an elastic cord and falling freely just to prove the law of gravity. There is also the allowable minimum and maximum weight to go on this exciting jump. I think if the jumper is too light or too heavy, he/ she will bounce uncontrollably and I do not want to imagine the worst scenario.

One that has got me fascinated is the Macau Tower Bungee Jump. First, it is recorded as the world’s highest bungee jump. Second, it is nearer for me to go to Macau than to New Zealand or USA or South Africa or some other unheard places with high altitude landmarks. This one costs about US$319 for the standard package which includes the jump, official T-shirt, certificate, and membership card. Here is the website for more information. I am uncertain whether paying to get stressed and frightened is worth it, though. Nevertheless, there is no harm in saving up for something out of the norm!

If you are tight on budget, it is needless to worry. The cheaper alternative is The Jungle Bungee Jump in Phuket and Pattaya, Thailand. With the price of only 3000 Baht (approximately US$97) you can get a shirt, DVD movie, 25+ digital photos of your unglamorous bungee jumping shots, certificate saying that you are worth my admiration, and the great deal is this: you get the second jump FREE! This is something I will consider going for, too. For more details, visit this website.

  1. Cliff jumping

I was inspired to do cliff jumping when I chanced upon a bunch of teenage girls in Wellington, New Zealand during my internship in Palmerston North, a small nearby city. They put on bikinis when I supposed it was the transition period between summer and autumn which means that the temperature should be quite cooling at that time. They took turn jumping into a lake near the city centre from the height of about 2.5 meters. It seemed amusing because I saw quite a number of passers-by stopping to watch the free attraction in the bright of the day. Most of the passers-by, more often than not, were tourists.

There were also some guys spotted doing some jumps in Wellington. It looked fun!

After many fruitless Googling, I finally found one spot for cliff jumping or diving, if you’d like to call it, in Asia. I believe this practice is not common in Asia for reasons I have yet to find out. One is in Vang Vieng, Laos where you can have the excitement of jumping into a river from 12 meters high. Other possible destinations are Thailand and Philippines.

This activity, when not done properly, can result in serious injury. To avoid this, I read through beforehand many adventurous people’s experiences they posted in their blogs and websites. I considered this site as one of the most practical to understand.

Research thoroughly about your cliff jumping destination. Grab some buddies along. Prepare your heart, mind, body and soul. You are good to go!

  1. Self-traveling

The thought of traveling with no companion sometimes creeps my mind and when it does I either do not have the financial means or the bravery to do so. The furthest I might have traveled to if given the luxury to carry out this mission may be the Down Under. I have been there before, though, but it is divided to so many states I could not possibly have gone to each territory. I believe with all of my heart that the Australians and the Kiwis are the friendliest and most helpful people I have ever met (because I have never traveled to any other continents except Asia and Australia). Therefore, getting lost there is the last thing on my mind.

I do not want to limit myself. If ever there is an opportunity to hop to the other part of the globe, I will be more than glad to grasp it. I would love to explore Europe, America and Africa perhaps with the method that this man used. Many of you would have probably heard of the Twitchhiker, the man who traveled the world for free using only Twitter. He did not spend a single cent but solely relying on the kindness of any strangers on Twitter for transport and accommodation for 30 days. It was like gambling with life to reach his destination. If none of the Tweeters responded to his needs, he would no longer use that social platform ever again, I presume. However, I like what he said:

..Twitter isn’t powered by technology, computers or the internet – it’s powered by people and relationships..

The idea of traveling on my own already sets butterflies in my stomach. That, plus the concept of depending on others’ help just like what Paul Smith did makes my stomach churn with more butterflies and probably dragons breathing fire. It requires excellent interpersonal skills and, beyond any doubt, luck. Good luck for you if you dare to attempt this quest!

I really want to hear stories regarding any of the above if you/ your friends have ever experienced it before. Please share! :)



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