[ You gotta see this! ]

Many of you will not know that I used to, although I still do sometimes, like to draw manga which is the Japanese version of comics or cartoons. In fact, this hobby started when I was in primary school being innocent and extremely overwhelmed and fascinated with the Japanese cartoons shown on the television. What I am urging you to take a look at today is the one below scanned from my own creation of manga collection notebook I have been keeping for quite a number of years. You gotta see this!

I apologize if you have just been tricked, and congratulate you if you have not. However, it is mainly for fun purposes and there is no harm done in the process, I hope. Anyway, I myself am not very clear with my intention of drawing the manga. But one sure thing, I am fooling around with you because I want to wish you Happy April Fools’ Day, my friend! :D



2 thoughts on “[ You gotta see this! ]

    • Hi there, thank you :)

      Yeah, I did read the manga, watched the anime and the live action as well. The story plot is really interesting. Yes, I like L, too. :)

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