[ Apology is a piece of cake ]

Once in a while there will be a time when something is not to our liking or satisfaction, we therefore do grumble, openly. To be honest, I am not the kind who will complain about something or someone in public especially. Mostly I do not want to gamble the chance of talking about that something so sensitive it hurts the ears and the hearts of the intentional or unintentional listeners OR about that someone who, even better, happens to stand nearby unwillingly accepting our loathsome description. That day was one of those times I blatantly conveyed my displeasure with the service at one brunch place which shall not be named to protect its reputation.

It was half past two in the afternoon and I arrived there ravenous having not eaten my lunch. I placed my order and was certain at that moment that it had been taken by one waitress. Time had passed considerably fast by chattering with my friends about anything under the Sun and trying to figure out a ‘unique’ drawing a friend doodled on the Draw Free app. Half an hour and the table in front of me was still empty, not even a glass of ice water. I nagged while my friends who reached there earlier were savoring their mouth-watering foods. My patience and long-suffering lasted until the end of the thirty minutes. I could not help but raising my hand to inquire about the meal I ordered and explained that it had been half an hour in a half-disappointed-half-angry tone.

During this crucial moment, there are some dos and don’ts I thought will be good to follow to avoid some kind of implanted bitterness between the two parties. The ideal case is both parties accept the predicament with either one or both gives a heartfelt apology. Problems solved.


  • Smile while asking about what you have been expecting. In my case, it was food. It will be a plus point if you can express the grumbling of your stomach.
  • Turn your head or attention occasionally in the direction of the source of your expectation. In my case, it was the kitchen. It will cause them to notice you and hopefully try to speed up the deliverance of your expectation.
  • Put a questioning look on your face and make sure somebody sees it. In my case, I made sure it was the waiters who saw my puzzled look. *Evil grins*


  • Shout and curse because your expectation is not met. In my case, it was the service. It will just make you an annoying customer and put you in a spotlight.
  • Ask for compensation innocently and blamelessly as if you are the most upright human on Earth. In my case, it could probably be some discounts or even one complimentary meal. You will definitely be marked as a recklessly daring person which I do not know whether it matters to you at all.


I practiced the above and it earned me a lovely but rather buttery cupcake as an apology gesture on their behalf. I sincerely thank the restaurant for their kind intention but still prefer my main course to be free. After all, apology is said to be a piece of cake, isn’t it?



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