[ Smile, blink, hold… Repeat ]

If you just acted out what the title of this post says, what a good job you have done because you just made yourself look unglamorous! :)

It is, however, sometimes the case when something good happens to us.  Although our countenance may not show but inside we are dancing like it is nobody’s business and laughing out loud as if that is the last time we can laugh. It feels like falling in love, they say, and when we think of that person we beam sheepishly and foolishly being oblivious of our surroundings. In fact, that is often necessary in our daily lives because being happy ceases the onset of depression and helps pull us out of whatever dark and dull situation we are in. Don’t mind it is Friday the 13th!

To smile in a discouraging moment is not as easy as it is said but we have to try. Think about all the little things that took place around us that made us feel like sitting on cloud nine. Make a list of them just like I did mine, for this post. I feel happy when…

  • Somebody waits and holds the lift door for me even when I am still a few meters away
  • A stranger greets “good  morning” and smiles at me when I am on my way to school
  • A friend texts me asking how my job interview went earlier that day
  • Somebody stops working out when he/ she notices that I am waiting to use the treadmill
  • Somebody thanks me for holding the door for him/ her when his/ her hands are full
  • Somebody, whom I have not made contact with in years, messages me on Facebook asking how I am doing
  • Somebody, a follower, re-tweets my post on Twitter
  • A friend offers to help me bring my bulky bag
  • A stranger compliments my shoes, especially when I think they should retire soon
  • A friend tells me that I look nice on that day (woot, big-headed me!)
  • Somebody likes my WordPress post (hint! :D)

Every single day, make a point to cheer somebody up! This will make that somebody want to do the same to us. I believe in the power of contagious smile. When we see the corners of somebody’s lips curve up to show happiness (and not for no reason, of course), we will tend to somewhat imitate that. This is keeping in mind that we are committed to be positive and smile, blink, hold, and repeat.



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