[ Fashion contest or whatnot ]

So I have been following some fascinating fashion blogs like Style Scrapbook and one of the recent posts mentioned about jeans giveaway and I thought it would be worth mentioning here. I mean, who wouldn’t be attracted to giveaways? After all, they are free! ;)

I was unsure of what to call it at first but there it goes in the title of this post: fashion contest. I do not know whether the giveaway counts as one because it does not involve designing some physical clothing from scratch. It is only the practical design, online, and all I had to do was pick the colour, material, buttons, pockets, and any embroidery or distress. Ta-da! I have become a designer of some sort. If you want to trail my so-called adventurous step, go to Getwear and flaunt your creativity.

Also, please do press the “Love it” button on Fashiolista for three of my creations below if you really like them. For more details of the design, simply click on the picture. Thank you so much in advance! :)



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