[ The Clumsy Case of Bedroom Door ]

I am never clumsy, especially on days when I am at my best, except here and here. This morning was not quite the case, though, since I created chaos and confusion at home, by myself.

I was equipping myself with the five things I would normally bring to the gym room downstairs: water bottle, iPod, towel, gym access card, and a set of keys. I grabbed my towel, refilled the water bottle, and pocketed my iPod. Set and ready to head out except that I locked my room door from inside without bringing out the pouch containing the access card and keys! :(

At that instant, I knew I was doomed to an inevitable day of skipping exercise. Nonetheless, the even-if-I-have-to-die-I-have-to-unlock-the-door mentality was somehow implanted in me. My phone was unfortunately not with me and so I had no access to the contacts that might be helpful in that critical moment. I frantically searched around the house for clues or tools that could break open the damned door. I simply went berserk.

I also approached the home phone hoping that somebody in the house did call somebody not long ago so I could make use of the redial button. Before embarrassing myself by phoning the unknown somebody, I saw a sticky note by the side of the phone with some numbers of the house helpers written on it. Goodness gracious! I could be saved!

Upon dialing those numbers, there was no answer at first. I persisted and kept on doing spam calls until the voice on the other end of the line helloed me. I cried for help while explaining my rather shameful situation and asking whether the one holding onto my room’s spare key was around. Nope.

Amidst the disappointment, one creative idea suddenly appeared like a light bulb above my head just like what we all have seen in comics. I did what some desperate people would possibly do in such moment. I found a hair pin, straightened it to create a metal pin 10-cm long, and inserted it into the keyhole like a detective trying to solve a mysterious case. Minutes leading to an hour had passed and my pin method would not work. I was indeed out of action.

I believe some crazy senses do pop out when you seriously need them. As I remembered I had an iPod with Wi-Fi function with me, I typed “how to unlock accidentally locked door without key” on Google. I opened a few sites before loading one YouTube video which at first really looked it could be of some good use. When I watched the 1-min video, I was blown away! The two women used force and slammed themselves onto the door and it opened! However, I would not do that for the sake of keeping the door knob intact.

When I was about to give up and decided to wait around until somebody came home, I heard the clicking sound of the main door being opened (which by the way sounded like a harmonious melody in my ears) giving me a hint that my savior had arrived! :D

Phew, what a tough day! Here are the lessons of the day:

  • Get your essential things ready early before you leave for the gym or any place.
  • Remember your house and room keys before you go.
  • Be optimistic and think of any ways out no matter how deranged they may seem.
  • Memorize some useful phone numbers.
  • Be persistent and do not be afraid of trying out new things (but pay attention to likely consequences).
  • Select YouTube videos carefully for practical and favorable assistance.
  • Do not give up even when the situation looks like it forces you to. As long as you refuse to surrender, whatever you hope for will come to pass! ;)
  • UPDATE: Take note of your mistake and blog about it on WordPress for others to learn from. ;)



3 thoughts on “[ The Clumsy Case of Bedroom Door ]

  1. You, my dear friend, have just got trolled by the door. It happens to the best of us. It looks like today is the day that we get trolled by our doors, LOL! Okay, okay… I don’t even know what I’m talking about. Nevermind me. Please, do continue with your clumsiness.

    Oh, and another lesson for the day? When you get locked out of your house, remember to take pictures and blog about it later in the day :)

    • Hey, Yenly. Thank you so much for stopping by! ;)

      Yes, I will include that good point in my post. I appreciate your suggestion and please take care of your door. Haha

      • Oh, don’t worry about my door. It’s taking a good care of itself, or so I hope…

        I’ve made a grammar mistake!! Oh dear!

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