[ I can’t take my eyes off you ]

Sounding trashy as the post title is, I am not writing about the romantic perspective of it. It narrows down more to observing people; but not to the point of staring at them, let them stare back at you with a disgust look on their face, and curse you under their breath when they run away from the creepy aura coming out from you. It is merely something I personally will do when there is nothing my eyes can find to be fixated at. Like when you are on a long bus journey or waiting for your lovely friend whose watch seem to be a few hours behind your time (you know what I’m talking about) or working around people with all sorts of attitudes which forces you to watch their “show”.

People are wired differently and it fascinates me to see how the differences there might be make us co-exist peacefully. Some of the reasons behind that may be tolerance and understanding (or perhaps self-convincing?) of the aforementioned fact that every individual is unique in his/ her own way which again brings back my point of being unable to take my eyes off people. I encountered many occasions, especially this week because I just started part-time work in an F&B line last week, where I got dumbfounded by what I witnessed. It may not be to you but probably I am just easily impressed.

Let me share one.

It was during the peak lunch hour on a weekday and I was serving the people when two groups of office colleagues looked like they were at war. I guess they were just hungry; as the saying goes: a hungry man is an angry man. Okay, understood. One group consisting four persons wanted to sit at the same table but were split by two gentlemen refusing to budge. There was then the bickering session where one representative from the larger group threatened in a rather loud manner that they would talk to their friends by shouting across if the gentlemen did not want to move while one of the men appeared care-less, just calmly said “no”, and continued savoring his food. Sparing you the further details, they simply turned sulky, with me just standing there being of no assistance despite having politely asked the gentlemen if they did not mind moving to the next table. Nope, same response.

Only from one example can we see that there is a variation as of how people react to situations. I liked the calmness in the tone of the gentleman’s reply although there could be a better solution than to ignore the other person’s dissatisfaction. However, that was the best I think people should do at such event because adding oil to the fire will not do any good either. Having mentioned that, I liked that the other person expressed her opinion and tried to communicate it to the target audiences with reasoning at first but the mood was somehow ruined and the (one-sided?) battle was on.

How would you respond in a similar situation? Please share! I need to get inspired. ;)



2 thoughts on “[ I can’t take my eyes off you ]

  1. I, too, love watching people.

    And I hate confrontation — so, on the one hand, I’m sure I would have just resigned myself to splitting my party rather than ask people to move, and on the other hand, I know I would have moved immediately if asked. And if I were in your shoes, watching dissatisfied people, I would have been very frustrated at my inability to fix the situation.

    • I felt the same at that point of time and was unsure of what could be done to solve the situation as I also had other customers to attend to during that busy time. I was not capable of doing any justice but apologized for the inconvenience.

      Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by and pouring your thoughts here! :D I really appreciate it.

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