[ Un(?)bearable temporary parting ]

I know I have been M.I.A. (For your information, it stands for Missing In Action in case you have another definition) for more than two weeks. For those who experienced the frustration and dismay of not being able to contact me, I sincerely apologize. I had no idea myself why all the short messages could not get through to me despite having already activated the data plan overseas. Roaming for the internet connection was definitely out of the question. For those who were not impacted by the event whatsoever, be grateful. :D

Many people would regard it as unbearable to part with their loved ones when they are overseas. The loved ones may be their family, friends, pets or even their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The former mentions make so much sense to me and perhaps some people of older generation while the latter are more commonly applicable to today’s remarkable society. After all, I feel that all of these narrow down to habits which are cultivated through a series of factors which I am not in the expertise position to elaborate.

An example to illustrate this is:

Even though my eyes are fixed on my smartphone screen at times browsing through the timelines and checking my email accounts, I know that I know my life is not dependent on it especially when I am out of town wanting to get away from the headaches arising from these very things. This is in contrast with people who are obsessed with the trend of updating every single details seen or heard in the day for the world to see (not finger-pointing to anybody, really) to the point that this activity becomes integrated side by side to daily habits like eating and sleeping. Having no access to these social networks is equilibrium to starving and sleep-deprived respectively. *Sigh*

A simple statement to ponder upon (and answer):

I hope you can share your experience parting temporarily with your loved ones and how you cope with it! :) Thanks in advance!



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