Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

One afternoon when the sun was at its full glory, I took a brisk walk along the beach. Around me were teenagers splashing water at each another, parents building sandcastles with their children, and some people enjoying the scenery alone while listening to their iPod. And then there was me.

I set my eyes upon the chair where the lifeguard was supposed to sit. It looked like a comfortable place to watch these happenings surrounding me. Besides it being well-sheltered from the heat of the sun, it appeared to shelter me from the noises coming out from these people. I took a sit and started drifting off.

Suddenly within my vision was a glimmer of colorful lights in the dark which source I could not make out.

In the blink of an eye, the scene soon transformed into a large pasture with shades of dark green, light brown, and purple. Somewhat blurry and boundless in nature. Where was I?

The landscape brightened up a little bit and now the vast area was populated with waist-high pasture grass which seemed to tickle when it brushed against my skin.

What a strange place I was in! At last, I saw a greener pasture crowded with scattered flocks of sheep feeding on the grass.

And then somebody whom I thought must be the lifeguard blocked my view. I was startled and woken up from what appeared to be a seemingly weird dream in that surprisingly cozy chair.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

  1. Hello Tania,
    Where do your weekly challenges come from? I’m looking to do something similar, but with writing :) looking forward to keep up with your posts!

    • Hi May, thank you so much for stopping by! :D

      I participate in the challenges from dailypost, u can access it by clicking on the “I’m part of post a week 2012” icon on the right side of my page. They do have writing challenge as well I suppose.

      Happy writing, May :)

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