[ You want it or not, life goes on… ]

It is always at such a time like this that my brain is set in reflective thinking and nostalgic mode.

Gosh, transition period, period.

Perhaps I live around tropical countries such as Singapore and many Asian countries, which do not really experience weather transitions such as from winter to summer, transition period is therefore not easy for me.

During this time, the whole being of some of you (including myself) may still be trapped inside the frame of the past where we feel the most comfortable. It is where our comfort zone boundary has been well-formed and has surrounded us safely for a long time. Breaking free from it is not a big deal but it requires courage and boldness to face another zone that we are yet to get to know. One real life example is me moving on from the comfortable fun-and-childish life to life occupied with thick books, crazy seniors and fellow freshmen, and perhaps dreaming of parties with hot guys and girls at the pool.


I was a fussy child as far as I remember or was ever told. Or, slightly more to the crybaby side.

Wailed at every single thing I was not willing to do or was dying to have.

Feeling sort of ashamed with how I was, I guess everyone must pass that embarrassing but for-the-sake-of-growing-up stage. I recall that one event where my parents had a good intention of celebrating my 5th birthday in school but instead of being excited for it, I was terrified (of standing in the middle alone with the cake I assume) and cried throughout the “party”. *Palm on face*

Nevertheless, I found out after browsing albums of my childhood photos that I actually had the gut to participate in a singing competition and a school year-end dance performance! Not bad, huh? ;)

I was the one in yellow if you cannot recognize ;)


Life was increasingly “better” as I stepped into primary education.

Had what we called BFFs (Best Friends Forever) who must stick with me wherever I went and created a clique of our own that must be the most popular in the whole school. Drama queen! Duh!

Made mistakes here and there, silliness of children.

Collected some useless collectibles from packets of snacks with whatever possible methods to boost self-pride.

There was even a time when I fought with one person in the clique for days just because she did not want to let me exchange my duplicate collectible with hers. Ha!


Then I proceeded to secondary school life where teens were at their most rebellious age.

Brought cellphones to school where we were not supposed to and when there was a sudden inspection, being smart and mischievous asses that we were, we managed to hide our phones. Be it bribing the canteen stalls’ operators, hiding the phones under a pile of crumpled papers in the rubbish bin, or even securing them at the body parts we could imagine where.

Bullies and meanies were common. Seniors mocked and played tricks at juniors whom they regarded unfit in their sights. To be honest, I was not really involved in the seemingly “cool” behaviors, neither the perpetrator nor the victim. Maybe if I were to act in a typical teenage drama, I was the lucky un-bullied nerd but without the specs, braces, fully buttoned and tucked in shirt. Hee-hee!

Anyhow, I had fun! :D


And then I moved to Singapore. Migrating to the neighboring country could really change a person, to become either better or worse. Fortunately, I underwent the former.

This phase was when choosing a major to study was a headache. Feeling afraid (when in fact we should not have been, really) of regretting our choice and being stuck with something we did not really like for the rest of our life was a “normal” reaction.

Built a real friendship and knew who your true friends were.

Juggled between scoring As so that the certificates look appealing and having a healthy social life so as to keep up with the latest trends.

And in the end, being in the graduation robe while putting on that big wide smile became an eternal memory that at least we have got ourselves a Diploma title after so many years of memorizing (and hopefully learning) and sitting for so many examinations.

University (NEW!)

Now I am stepping up to another level of education. University or college life is starting very, very soon. I am not ready but I got to be since time waits for no man. I am excited. I am nervous. Whatever I am, life still goes on…

One hope for sure is that I could still continue blogging amidst burying myself in my books.



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