Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

I love this week’s color challenge!

Purple used to be my favorite color, until I heard and read some superstitious and cultural meanings behind it. Anyhow, I decided to Google it to satisfy my curiosity and here are my findings in relation to the photographs.

#1: Purple, especially the light and pale one, suggests something as being sweet and feminine.

And then it got me thinking. No wonder these local sweet potatoes in NZ, otherwise known as kumara, are popular with the ladies for the supposed weight-loss benefit and their sweet taste. Just a postulation of mine! Hee-hee!

#2: Purple is the colour of royalty and femininity. Oh, did I mention that already?

Lavender is one of the most popular flowers among men (yes, men) on romantic occasions to give to women (now you see? ;)).

#3: Purple means magic and mystery.

Participants from the youngest to the oldest in town were to experience the “magic” during this Chinese Lunar New Year-inspired lantern festival in NZ.

#4: Purple brings out creativity and inspiration.

Look at the shape of the Christmas ornament! Isn’t that creative? And also the shape of the reflection it creates!

Meh, I take back my words. I still like purple after all. :D



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