[ That feeling.. ]

Rushing out of bed for morning class. Having a headache of choosing outfit of the day.

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Taking big strides to class with newly-printed sheets of notes in hand. Sitting and falling asleep during lecture which sounds like a lullaby.

Source: guardian.co.uk

That seems like a normal day of university life, huh? Sometimes I kind of wish I would have that kind of busyness. Then, do I currently not?

Yes, it is a big NO (as of now)!

This semester alone, with electives aside, I am obliged to fulfill only two core modules. Hey, that is considered a few, remembering how many subjects I had to take in my earlier education stages. I know it is great to be having a lot of free time for yourself or other commitments or yourself but somehow I feel this is just not right.

After reflecting sometime on my own, I come to an apparent realization that I am actually getting busy of being busy! That overly-occupied feeling sort of gives a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that I have been productive although I was totally the opposite during the recent holiday period.

I guess it is my turn to just take a deep breath amidst the intense situations other people may be in and enjoy this seemingly short span of relaxation before the real life starts.

Do you ever feel the same way?



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