[ First time is infatuation, second time is love ]

I often heard the saying: the first time is accident, the second time coincidence. Is that really the case? Consider this: my pitiful right leg slipped into the platform gap of a train station when I was about to board the train and I got my leg bruised about 15cm up from the knee! If it were to happen again the second time, it would be pure reckless coincidence, wouldn’t it? Or perhaps total silliness.

Therefore, I concluded for my current situation that if the first time is infatuation, the second must be love. The first time I participated in the night cycling event..

(Night cycling?? You mean the infatuation and love isn’t with a person?)

(Nope, sorry to disappoint.)

Back to the point, basically I was excited with the night cycling event when I joined in the first time with a bunch of my polytechnic friends. I thought that was super cool though tiring and butt-torturing (pardon the crude language) to be on your bike the whole night till you got to see the sunrise.

Last night, it happened for the second time. Since I loved was infatuated with it previously, this time should be fun as well. Turned out I indeed loved it, still. Unlike the time I presumed I was obsessed with scrap-booking but got tired and unmotivated as soon as I started my second project.

I always thought that since I got overly amused but also bored quite easily, the first event would be the end of my short-term excitement. I have proven myself wrong! I still would love to go the third, fourth, fifth, or infinite time even.

I have the feeling that this time the “love” is real because despite the fact that I was most of the time involved in some sorts of accidents as bad as losing grips and heading straight into the drain whenever I cycled and the fact that the companions this time round were not really an incentive, I really don’t mind pedaling under the moonlight again.

Cycling is my newly found love. It is just so liberating and relaxing. Unfortunately, I don’t have the liberty of doing it so often. No bicycle, no free time. Or should I invest in one? So that I can cycle to class every day and the no-time issue can be solved too! ;)

What’s your infatuation and love?



2 thoughts on “[ First time is infatuation, second time is love ]

  1. If it happens at the age of 13 it’s infatuation….If it happens at the age of 30 it’s love :) Excuse if am wrong :)

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