[ Imaginary birthday party outfits ]

There must be some points in your life that you get invited to a birthday party, and I didn’t mean the casual meetup with your girlfriends/ boyfriends or sleepover pajama party with your besties. It’s a themed birthday party with a banquet, bottles of wine and alcohol, eye candy, games. Hurrah!

I become absorbed in imaginative thoughts when it comes to the variety of possible outfits you could wear to different party themes. It just seems so fun to dress up for the occasion and the party ideas are plenty!

Well, let’s just hope that we could really put on these costly dresses and shoes one day. Happy ogling! :D

Masquerade party

Sensual masquerade
Denim rock-on
Simply retro
Simply retro by tania-setiawati 

Hollywood party

Golden carpet

Click here for previous post on imaginary outfits. :)



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