[ Ich schreibe Deutsch ]

The title may seem ridiculous or alien to you. Well, to me, too, me too me to me too. This sounds like a chant, so fun! (Sigh, ignore me).

Yes, I had no idea about this exotic language before I started taking up German language course level 1 as an elective module to fulfill my university graduation requirement. I am not sure this could be useful in the future but there’s no harm in learning, is there? Who could ever predict that I would meet a hot German dude and reside in the sausage-and-beer-laden country until my old age, right! ;)

For your information and additional knowledge, the post title means “I write German”. And I don’t even know this makes sense. Anyway…

Having made the effort to confuse you, I would therefore like to boast my shallow proficiency in the language and will be extremely grateful if there is any fellow blogger out there who is good at German and bold enough to comment and correct my writing.

As for non-German-speaking you, please feel free to adore the beauty of this excessive-saliva-producing-when-pronounced-correctly language and to use Google translate whenever you feel you are losing it.

Ich schreibe hier einen Paragraf über etwas. Was ist das Thema? Ich weiß es wirklich nicht, aber Deutsch gefällt mir sehr gut. Obwohl die Sprache kompliziert ist, ich gebe nicht auf. Reden wir über meine Woche. Am Montag besuche ich Vorlesungen nicht und so ich bin ganz glücklich. Ich schlafe mich immer aus. Am Donnerstagabend von 6 Uhr bis 9 Uhr spiele ich mit Freunde Softball. Das macht Spaß! An anderen Tagen studiere ich fleißig genau wie eine gute Studentin.

For the sake of imparting (partially) accurate knowledge to you, I shall briefly teach you how to read between the lines without having to understand every single foreign word up there.

Basically I was talking about me wanting to write a paragraph on something (hint: Paragraf). I was stupidly asking myself what the theme was (hint: Thema). And then… @#*^$%^&#*#$%^&  until my friend hit me with a softball which turned out to be NOT soft at all and I had to pay him back 6 to 9 times harder (hint: Freunde, Softball, 6…9…). And again… @#$%^&%^&#$%^   until I studied just like how a good student studies (hint: gute Studentin).

See! German looks a lot similar to English! Not that difficult after all!

Falsch! False!

I just misled you into an unending tunnel of innocence and stupidity.

Still, trust dictionary a.k.a. Google translate.

Alles liebe,


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