Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I am a foreigner in other people’s country. I speak foreign languages that others may not understand. I may look foreign to strangers. The word “foreign” seems to be intrusive towards our identity at times.

Well, life is indeed foreign.

However, there is beauty in foreignness. Just like when we stand in front of the many foreign signboards and don’t know a single thing. There is in itself an excitement rush going through our body and signalling that we are about to explore new things.

Or, when a delicacy is unusual to our taste buds and we feel hesitant to push ourselves beyond the normal limit but when we do, we appear to love it in the end. There is in itself a sense of satisfaction that we have actually gone out of our comfort boundaries and discovered something that otherwise may not have been discovered.

Or, when we encounter a totally new culture and learn to appreciate the diversity of values people uphold. There is in itself respect embedded in our spirit.

Or, when two strangers approach us to have their faces captured in the same photograph as us. There is in itself warmth that makes us aware there are still some forms of humanity in our world regardless of what your nationality or race is.

Foreignness is beauty and it’s in the eye of the beholder.



What is your opinion?

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