Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This response to the challenge is an unusual one from me. It so happened that I just went to watch a “green” performing art concert the previous evening by my sister’s school team where all proceeds will go to a charity organization. I am a supporter of my sister, you see? ;)

The theme of the concert was “Tree Truths” and it told the stories of how saving a tree could make a difference or something of that sort. Notice how the board actually changed from “STATE LAND: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK” at first to “GREENLEAFS – QUALITY HOUSING AT QUALITY PRICES” towards the end of the performance. In fact, that’s what is currently happening in our lives, or at least here in Singapore, where most of the empty lands are transformed into residential buildings and shopping centers. Sad truth but I guess the government can’t help it either since human populations and demands are growing.

Glad I can still see many greens around here, at least on my plates.



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