Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

City light reflection on water is just like our lives. It may appear so ordinary and undistinguished at times but its impact on others is a mystery.

That can also be said about the shadow of a rotating wheel. We may not realize it but for every action there is always a reflection of who we are.

On a deeper meaning of reflection will be the boy in the glass dome who has probably never experienced winter before. So, when he got the chance to feel what “snow” is like, he took it even if it meant having to be a “display” for passers-by. In life, sometimes we have to have a faith like a child who dares take opportunities that come his way.

Or simply putting ourselves in the shoes of a child whose father takes him out for a fish-catching in the pond. Being a simply happy boy who is excited and content with whatever trivial things life offers.

This is a great theme to begin the last month of the year where we may be in a reflective mood to look back at the new year resolutions we made 11 months ago and tick if we have accomplished some in the lists. Well, it doesn’t matter now whether we put many ticks (that’s awesome) or none at all because the year is coming to an end regardless.

Rather than regretting and blaming ourselves for the unsuccessful weight loss target we set or the fact that we didn’t meet our school/work achievement expectations, let’s end this year well with a grateful heart that we manage to be where we are today and embrace the new year with positive attitudes! :)

Lastly, run the last lap in your best self!



3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

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