[ Imaginary festive celebration-themed outfits ]

Now that Christmas is coming, some of us may be thinking about what gifts to give (and receive), what treats to indulge in, and what outfits to put on during that time of the year. Let me accompany you to the imaginative world of thoughts. Here is the compilation of all the dreamy outfits for some festive celebrations in a year.

Keep calm and enjoy the snow.

Best Christmas
New Year’s Day
Lace up this new year!
Bright New Year

Bright New Year by tania-setiawati

Valentine’s Day
Keep him guessing..

Mysterious Valentine

Mysterious Valentine by tania-setiawati

St. Patrick’s Day
Hey Patrick, I’m a boy today.

Boyish Patrick

Boyish Patrick by tania-setiawati

Colorful, not your usual Halloween.

Unusual Halloween

Unusual Halloween by tania-setiawati

Other imaginary outfits:
Weekly outfits
Birthday party outfits



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