Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Surprises, little or big, are unavoidable in life. The little surprise for me this week is knowing that I won a 50-dollar voucher from participating in a survey and the big one is finding out that a big fat lizard has been torturing me emotionally from the wall near my bedroom. Wait, or is it the other way around?

Since surprises compose the dynamics in life, I guess life will be kind of boring without them. Although the extent which surprises encompass is rather wide; for example, they can not only be as exciting as winning a million dollar lottery but also as depressing as losing our loved ones to accident, we have no way of controlling their occurrence.

One cliche strategy for sure: keep calm and carry on with life. After all, surprises are spices of life; except that we don’t have to go to the market to get them.

high above sea levelSurprise: I was 70 meters above sea level and enjoying it!
Justification: Although I don’t have fear of heights but being at such an altitude, outdoors, for quite sometime is quite something.

IMG_0045Surprise: This little big cutie was tied at the side of the road alone, no owner in sight!
Justification: Shouldn’t we care about our pets more than ourselves?

IMG_0941Surprise: We may never know who is peeking at us from behind the curtain!
Justification: Not only the wall has ears but the curtain has eyes also!




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