[ I am a newcomer, mind you ]

I thought “newcomer” would be a better word than “foreigner”.

As a person coming into another man’s country myself, it is not alien to me (no pun intended) that the natives classify people who are not born in their country as foreigners. I just don’t like the sound of it ringing in my ear and so I looked it up in the dictionary. “Foreigner” means:

  1. “a person not native to or naturalized in the country or jurisdiction under consideration; alien”
  2. “a person from outside one’s community”
  3. “a thing produced in or brought from a foreign country”

Oh no, it seems like a foreigner is pictured as a three-eyed creature with two antennas on top trying to conquer the visited land and eat brains. I know that’s just a word to describe but personal preference is the main issue here. I am a native to my own country myself (duh!) and I have seen, met, and conversed with newcomers (mind you) who came to explore. I’m sure they themselves don’t want to be treated like an outcast, different; because I know I don’t want to.

However, the word “foreigner” has been used countless times by countless number of people including myself that probably it has lost its discriminating severity in meaning. Nowadays, the word is as common and senseless as asking “Are you a foreigner?” or “You know many foreigners, huh?”. That is cool but personal preference is the main issue here and I know I repeat myself.

There is nevertheless another issue even if the whole word decided to erase “foreigner” from the lists of words in dictionary and replace it with “newcomer”. How about a person who has been residing in a (pardon me) foreign country for quite sometime? Do we still call him/ her a newcomer? Because “old-comer” wouldn’t sound friendly either.

Sigh, I shouldn’t prolong this nonsensical discussion anymore. I think the best way is to avoid asking “Are you a foreigner?” or any other “foreigner”-containing questions and merely ask, “You just came here,eh?”

“No, I am an old-comer.”



What is your opinion?

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