[ Distinction or Discovery? ]

Moving on from secondary to tertiary education is indeed a headache that unfortunately has no cure despite the medical advances nowadays. It feels like we are forced to run even before we can crawl. Well, maybe not that exaggerating.

The point is we have to decide what we want to be in the future while knowing nothing about what interests us and even if we do know, we may not be good at it. However, there are of course some favorable cases where life seems so smooth-sailing that you are able to do what you love. This is the very reason I’m bringing up this education-themed topic which could be rather boring but I can’t resist the urge to pour out the itch in my heart.

Now it’s coming to the second semester of my university studies and I’m still uncertain why I  learned certain modules that I thought I wanted to learn. Was it out of pure curiosity and hunger of knowledge about the particular subject OR was it because I was confident enough to score a distinction for that subject? Do I take subjects that keep me fascinated or those serious courses that are useful for my future career prospect?

I chose Discovery but lost the Distinction but if I had chosen Disctinction, would I have regretted that I didn’t satisfy my sense of Discovery?

I don’t know. As for now, I’m trying to get the balance of both. Getting myself the opportunity of unguaranteed Distinction while at the same time trying to expose myself to things that make me appreciate Discovery.

How about you, would you choose Distinction over Discovery?



What is your opinion?

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