[ Every good thing must come to an end ]

Cliché conversation I had recently:

” Whoa, time really flies! It’s already the end of January.”

“Yeah, it feels like 2013 just started yesterday..”

Well, maybe not yesterday. Last month it is.

This one month has been quite fruitful, I must say, judging from the amount of sweats produced and the intensity of backache developed. No, I’m not doing a hard labor.

Well, in a sense, yes. Tough stuff it is.

Things that occupied most of the days were our fund-raising projects for our volunteering expedition to Nepal this coming July. More on that one later. This is honestly the first BIG activity I’m fully committed to in the last 21 years and 11 months of my life. Anyway, we have done one-month-worth of whatever a group of people that needs to raise fund would have done. We sprayed T-shirts and sold them. We baked cookies and sold them. We publicized and sold ourselves.

Well, the last statement is an exaggeration. Sold our time and energy it is.

Besides that, I’m glad that I have taken the step to further my German language studies this semester. Yay! It has opened my eyes to the many more things I have yet to learn. Not only the language but also the cultures and people interest me. It is quite a surprising fact for me that many people from different nationalities are craving to master this beautiful language.

Well, that applies to my class. I don’t really mean MY class, my tutor’s class it is.

Despite sounding rather exhausted and desperate, January is indeed a good month to start the year.

Well, the last time I checked January was the first month of the year on my calendar. A nonsensical joke it is.

Perhaps some of the resolutions we made on the 1st of January are not making any progress due to some valid and/ or invalid reasons. Or, we were probably held up by some laziness busyness that prevented us from approaching our 2013 target. Regardless, we are doing our best , I suppose. It is a good thing that at least we started or intended to start a change. All in all, every good thing must come to an end and better things must begin! :)



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