[ If stationery were not stationary after all ]

Sometimes in the midst of the journey of my train of thoughts to Dreamy Land, I would wonder if the surrounding non-living objects (especially ones that I encounter almost everyday) had ever questioned their existence. Here is how the conversation among my stationery would probably sound like if they could stand up for themselves.

Before we eavesdrop on the family discussion among these stationery individuals, let me introduce the casts.

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Pencil: Isn’t it obvious that I’m the most universally recognized stationery in the whole wide world? Even our home is named after me. Right, darling?

Eraser: Don’t get too arrogant, my dear. I’ll always be more powerful than you and whether or not your legacy remains, it all depends on my mercy.

Pen: Tsk, looks like you’ve forgotten someone whom you can’t conquer.

Eraser: Well, oh well. I can always call in my newly designed relatives who surely are capable of undoing all your actions, good or bad.

Pen: No, thanks. I can do that by myself.

Eraser: Eww, what a dirty job!

Pen: Hah, don’t be a hypocrite! It’s not like you don’t leave any dirt after you take action.

Pencil: Alright, alright, stop the argument already! Ruler, why are you not saying anything?

Ruler: What do you want me to say? My support is no longer needed and you all have discarded the idea of having to rely on my service. I’m usually useful only in one or two occasions but most of the time, you abandon me in this zipped suffocating space!

Pencil: I… We…

Heavy silence falls upon them but soon is disrupted.

Powerful iPad

Powerful iPad



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