[ Forever alone ]

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This happened to me just recently (in fact, this afternoon). So sad but yet so hilarious that it is a pity not to blog about it.

I am currently having two places to stay. One for weekdays (minus Friday; oops, Friday is a weekend, isn’t it?) and one for weekends. I presume you’ll know that the one for weekdays is the school dorm and the one for weekends is a random building you call “home” which is not the school. However, only the freshmen are entitled to secure a place to stay in the dorm (which is so damn convenient I can wake up 15 minutes before the start of lecture and turn up in pajamas with some unwanted odors, too!) and two semesters almost come to an end to wrap up one academic year of me being a university nerd which means that I will no longer be a freshman be a stale-man in a few months’ time and stink.

Now is the heated moment for dorm application for the seniors as we are betting for places solely based on our points and luck or the lack of them. If you were born and raised and have been residing in a place far away from this university, that’s great because you will have more points and higher chance of showing up in your bunny pajamas and intimidating the people around you with your “unique” fragrance. Sadly, I am not given the luxury to do so as my journey to uni is ONLY 1.5 hours long and I’m not very involved in whatever everyone else seems to be.

However, there is still a glimpse of hope as the uni accommodation has a “willing-to-share” scheme meant to promote interaction between locals and foreigners. For your information, that’ll give me an additional 2 points to my current one. Although I’m a newcomer an old-comer (read more about how the term comes about here) in this land, I am somehow considered as a “local” and thus has to find a “foreigner” in order to benefit from the scheme.

If you feel bored, I’m truly apologetic because this is merely the introduction to my so-sad-but-yet-so-hilarious story. Moving on…

Despite the poor chance, I tried my best to grasp this opportunity by using connection. I connected to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp (thank you, hey, you inventors of those!) and although the response wasn’t so good and my hope was close to being shattered, a friend revived back the broken pieces of hope.

She told me that her friend’s friend knew somebody who was also looking for a roommate. I was definitely delighted! I felt like a banana that can fly, a bird that can tell jokes, a plane that can dance and whatnot. Moving on…

On a side note, the roommate we are willing to share the room with must have points that are 2 or less than our points and there came my worry. I asked my friend, who was at that time acting as the middleman for the two of us, how many points she had while crossing my fingers that it’d be the same or +/- 2 points as mine. My little prayer came true, she had the same point! Yay!

Moving on…

I decided to wait for this roommate-to-be to contact me first since she didn’t want to disclose her number. However patient I could be, I couldn’t stay put this time because the application deadline is tomorrow! The middleman was the only one I could question and here the tragedy took place.

It appeared that the middleman’s friend’s friend (I don’t know whether you’re lost now) is my friend whom I also went to look for help! In other words, they were “matchmaking” me with another me!!!

Tsk, so sad but yet so hilarious.

I hope one day when I look back and read this post I will still laugh with tears in my eyes.

Forever alone.

It’s okay…

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Cheers Sobs,


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