[ What goes up and never comes down? ]

What goes UP and never comes DOWN?

I was reading from a book of jokes as requested by an 8-year-old mischievous boy whom I recently tutored.


Source: notablenest.blogspot.com


Many possible answers to the riddle came into my mind as I questioned him.

  • The house tied up to numerous balloons in Carl’s and Russell’s adventure in the Pixar movie Up.
    Although that may not be right also if a flock of birds fly right up to peck and burst the balloons. Oh, poor house.
  • A kite who gets stuck in a tree.
    Well, there is a loophole. (Get the pun? ;)) If the kite is too expensive or worth days of efforts of creating it, the owner may want to sacrifice his safety for the sake of a thing which may or may not worth as much as his life to climb up the tree and bring the kite down.
  • The commodity prices.
    They do fluctuate but what I remember they always go UP. Correct me if I’m wrong (which I definitely am).
  • The zipper of your uttermost, extreme, supreme, ultimate favorite jacket.
    It is since you will zip it up and never take it off again. Don’t even begin to smell it, yuck!
  • Santa Claus who is too bulky to descend the chimney of the hundredth house on a Christmas eve.
    One plausible reason may be he is too busy handling the assignment of presents to the good kids that he skips meals. Being too ravenous, he eats all the cookies prepared in all the previous 99 houses. By the time he descends the 100th house, he can’t slide through due to his recently-gained pot belly. Oh, poor Santa.

My mistake, that last one should be for “what goes DOWN but never comes DOWN”. My bad.

Thank you for enduring my “overly creative” thoughts with me.


The answer to the sensible-but-immature joke is… Drum roll please!


…but I was taken aback that out of infinite number of possibilities,
he replied me in the cleverest and yet most innocent way.






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