[ Imaginary monochrome outfits ]

Color can do anything that black-and-white can.
~ Vincente Minnelli

It’s true that black and white are two most versatile colors. Put them on for formal business meetings, family dinners, friends reunions, funerals, weddings and nothing will go wrong. This is, however, NOT true if your culture is more particular about wearing or not wearing certain colors on certain occasions. For example, you are not allowed to wear black and/or white during Chinese New Year as they symbolize mourning which the celebration obviously does not.

Color, on the other hand, (well, not that black and white are not colors but I’m sure you know what I’m referring to) is more flexible. Of course, you don’t present yourself in bright colored outfits at someone’s funeral. Common sense always precedes fashion instinct. Even though you love wearing bikinis, you won’t turn up at someone’s wedding in the two-piece you just bought, right? (or will you???)

In general, I agree with Vincente Minnelli whom I totally have no idea about.

Sometimes life can be so monotonous that wearing outfits with similar shades of color, other than black and white, may surprisingly offset the seemingly boring day.

Which one is your favorite? ;)


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