[ About giving and receiving a sunshine award ]

I am happy. I am delighted. I am grateful.

At last I can use my blog’s name as the title of one of my posts. At least now I can apply more concretely what I have been preaching all this while. Giving and receiving.

Special immeasurable thanks to http://markohajdarovicphoto.wordpress.com for nominating such a humble blogger like me, who in the midst of it all still have the gut to boast about her humility.

Thank you for letting me attach this orange flower to brighten my post since it’s meant to be a Sunshine Award, by the way.

Without further ado, here are the rules.

  • Answer 10 questions of your own choosing. ——— (in progress of copying the questions, too lazy to think)
  • Include the Sunshine award image in your blog post. ——— (checked!)
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers. ——— (browsing through the posts under the ‘Reader’ tab)
  • Notify your nominees on their blog. ——— (later)

My The 10 questions:

1. Favorite color:

It is a cliche topic for a small talk and my answer is always the same. I think I adore all colors that God has let me see through the perfect eyesight of mine (no offense to those wearing glasses or contact lenses). Yay to rainbow colors!

2. Favorite animal:

I have never been allowed to keep a dog, which always grabs my attention when one passes by, of my own since I was young. I had two tortoises before but they were too smelly. I kept fish before but their life spans were too short. Nevertheless, I love fish! Especially, when it’s grilled or baked.

3. Passions:

Photography and blogging are parts of my life now. I am passionate about keeping fit and healthy, too!

4. Favorite city:

Tough one, I wanted to say the city I was born in (although small, it holds years of memories) but I guess since I love to explore, I would say: give me any new cities and I will love them. But Paris seems like a romantic city, hmm..

5. Favorite drink:

Water, the essence of life. Also, secretly in love with black tea and any but black coffee.

6. Favorite number:

Thirteen. They say it is an unlucky number but whatever I just like it.

7. Are you happy?

It depends on the definition of ‘happy’. If it means being allowed to make mistakes in life and not regret them because it is a part of life’s learning process, then yes I am a happy woman.

8. Favorite TV show:

I like TV shows that invoke my inner feelings and thoughts. But something like ‘How I Met Your Mother’ seems enjoyable as well.

9. Favorite book:

Jodi Picoult’s. But I am intrigued by ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, too.

10. Giving or receiving gifts?

What an apt question! I like to give because I believe when you give, you’ll receive someday. Oh, so I like to receive as well. It is basically the foundation of this blog, yo! The joy of seeing somebody deprived of certain things has them fulfilled is precious!

Now, the nominees whom I consider worthy of a Sunshine Award since they brighten up my mind and heart in the midst of my dark moments:













6 thoughts on “[ About giving and receiving a sunshine award ]

  1. I love black tea! :) I’m currently addicted to this really malty scottish breakkfast tea. Yum! Congrats on your award and thank you so much for thinking of me. :) *hugs*

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