Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

The one thing that steals the limelight is usually the one on the front line.

The one that stands out.

The one that is dominating.


However, do you often notice what is going on in the background?

The component that makes the one in front stand out.

The component that makes the one in front dominating.

In the background are lights emitted by the city at night.

Lights that never sleep.

They strive to beautify what is in front of them.


The lady in the background often goes unnoticed.

The cocoons steal her limelight.

They stand out.

They are dominating.

However, do you know she’s the one striving to beautify the significance of the cocoons?

She’s the lady behind to scene who makes it all possible.

Who gives silk such a delicate feel.

Who makes silk such an intricate piece.



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