[ A day of some shut-eye and good-bye ]

Nothing beats the calmness of seaside on a sunny day. The sound of whistling wind brushing gently against the leaves and water splashing against the sand and receding back into the ocean kept resonating in my ears. It was indeed a day of restoration for the soul and rejuvenation for the body.

Despite the heat from the Sun and the smoke smoldering from the charcoal, our hearts and stomachs were content. We played rounds and rounds of one game that involved some shut-eye. It is a story game which requires one narrator and many participants. We were constantly in the grip of fear as our fates were decided by a mere random poker card. Certain cards symbolize certain roles to play: Wolf, Sheriff, Witch, Seer, Hunter, and Little Girl. We enjoyed the game so much probably because we got the chance to close our eyes and take a break from this noisy world. Or, perhaps it was just pure fun.

As the day went by and the Sun was about to hide its face from the Earth, it was time to say good-bye. Good-bye to a friend and a brother. Success to you for your future business and life in the long run! Farewell!



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