[ Strangers, Redefined (I) ]

I’ve never seen him but there is a tinge of familiarity in the air surrounding him. From the way he turns his head to tend to his mother’s request, the way he walks and carries his brown leather sling bag, the way he talks to his.. is that his brother? He looks somewhat taller and skinnier but the face younger. Perhaps, he’s his younger brother.

Oh wait, his whole family is here for a holiday trip together and so is mine. What a coincidence (not)! As for the probability of knowing him, I think it’s just recognition of similar gestures of someone else I know. Never mind.


Considering how I’ve always been the tallest in social cliques I’m in, the younger brother is about 2 inches taller. I’m glad that at least I don’t feel like a giant, like I often do, this time round. How do I know, you ask? He’s just right in front of me as we are all waiting to board the plane, and his brother is just ahead of him. What a coincidence (not)!

Anyway, I like the feeling of not being able to see someone’s hair crown and all that my eyes can gain direct access to is the sight of someone’s back. It’s the safe and secure feeling that someone is going to be there to shield me from whatever bullets that might be aimed at me, literally and figuratively.

Alright, forgive me I may be exaggerating a little bit. After all, I’ve been tall all my life.


I’m not a big fan of long-haul flights, especially when you happen to sit beside a stranger and an unfriendly one at that. Or, I’m simply just a complete introvert.

And there I am, talking only to my sister on my left and exchanging a weak smile or two with the stranger on my right during the entire journey.

Sigh, I guess flights are not meant for people to make friends (unless, of course, they put extra effort into that). Or else, why on earth do they provide us with all the in-flight entertainment and many rounds of meals we wish we wouldn’t have since the only activities we do are sitting, sleeping, making a short trip to the toilet and eating itself, and the only doable exercises are shifting in your seat and walking a good five metre to the toilet at most?

Sigh, I’m too tired, I better sleep.


…to be continued


Have you ever felt and thought that way of a stranger? What would you have or have not done?




2 thoughts on “[ Strangers, Redefined (I) ]

  1. When I am waiting to board a plane or pass passport control, I’d like to observe people around me. I might look at them or notice what they are doing/talking something like that. However, when I’m sitting in my seat on an airplane, I try not to look at strangers around me especially the one who’s sitting besides me.

    • Hello, I enjoy watching people, too, but sometimes worry that I will have direct eye contact with them and appear to them as staring. Haha!

      Anyway, thank you so much for sharing! Appreciate you taking time to stop by! :D

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