[ Strangers, Redefined (II) ]

…continued from [ Strangers, Redefined (I) ]


I wake up from my beauty sleep and find my sister looking to her left and the stranger her right. For a brief moment, I thought I emitted some kind of unusual aromas or perhaps created some kind of disagreeable scenes that they looked away. But no, to my relief, they are just eager to see the view from the plane window.

It was dark when we took off and is still the same now that we have touched down. Strange, I remember this flight is supposed to take nearly half a day but time seemed to stand still while we were up in the air. I guess it’s due to the time difference between the two continents. Sigh, jet lag never fails to tire me out, making my hours of sleep and thus my forgoing of the opportunity to develop friendship with a stranger on board not worth it.


After clearing customs and collecting our check-in baggages, we assemble in a seating arena outside the arrival hall while waiting for everyone in the tour group to gather. Yes, we are on a tour because of our lack of diligence to research about and explore this foreign country. Hmm, thinking about it, actually we trust the travel agency that it will bring us more fulfilling experiences than we would do if we were to travel on our own. Yes, that must be the reason.

Anyway, I didn’t expect the group to be this big; there are over forty of us! This is definitely one of the most demanding life scenarios where you are somewhat forced to be in the company of strangers in a foreign land for quite a number of days and they are your only source of help (and probably entertainment) other than your family.

I’ll try to make friends, I note to myself.

Eh.. Hey, here you are, the two brothers! Don’t tell me.. wait, it can’t be a coincidence. Again?

Alright, I guess we are all bound to be travelling together. I just can’t quite believe that they, too, are travelling with their family since many young people nowadays prefer to go overseas with their friends. For me, either way is fine as long as the trip is paid for. Ha!


Soon, we are boarding the bus to head to our first destination. As we walk outdoor across the car park for the bus, I take a deep breath of the fresh air which immediately sends a signal of excitement to my nerves wiping out most of my fatigues. The breeze is cool, in fact, much cooler than it is in our homeland. However, I feel warm; not only because of the jacket I put on but also because of the rapid heartbeat underneath it. So excited!

Oh, another thing: choosing the “right seat” within the confines of a bus filled with strangers is another demand you will encounter when travelling on a tour. The seats are in twos and I pick the left window seat of the last few row with my bag resting on the seat beside me as both of my sisters want to sit together leaving me solo. After all, I need my alone time, too. I love watching the sceneries along the way in silence occasionally broken by daydreaming, reflections or deep random thoughts.


Below is the first picture I captured and it was before the bus departed from the airport. The sky was just turning slightly orange as the sun was about to rise.



Hey, here you are (again), the two brothers! Now both of you are seating across me on the right.

I’ll try to make friends, I note to myself.


…to be continued


Have you ever had such coincidences with a stranger? What would you have done? Make friends or remain strangers?




One thought on “[ Strangers, Redefined (II) ]

  1. I stopped travel on tours for quite a long time ago. So speaking of being with strangers, I would be in that situation when I’m on airplane alone which I don’t make any friend. Anyway, next month I will go hiking in a small tour group along with my friends and other strangers which I think I need to make friend with them. I’m kind of expectation to that.

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