[ Awkward Award of the Year ]

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

I am truly honored to host this unprecedented Awkward Award of the Year, which I will mention as AAY and pronounce as English alphabet “A” from this point on. The AAY was inaugurated just recently, and that was exactly this morning, in memory of all sorts of awkward moments that we all have ever encountered in life at one time or another. The recipient of the AAY must have demonstrated a sheer intensity of awkwardness and embarrassment upon which hearing about it would make the audiences awkwardly cringe in subconscious social fear.

The judges of the AAY, I hope you still remember what it stands for, will be you and voting will only be available once all nominees are introduced. Please take this matter into serious consideration so as to avoid awkward relationships that might develop between the host and the audiences a.k.a. judges a.k.a. you. Let me put an end to the awkward speech and without further ado, for the very first time, let me present to you the first nominee for AAY 2013: ‘Fishy Memory’!

P.S. It is definitely my pleasure if you would like to be also nominated as the AAY recipient, although it would seem awkward, just a little. Simply submit your story in less than 200 words using the form below and gawk at the illustrated version of your awkward moment on my blog if the level of awkwardness satisfies the criteria. In addition, if you successfully attain “the AAY Winner” title, you will be awarded a badge that you can show off on your blog that you are, well, awkward.

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Signing off, Tania.


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