[ Strangers, Redefined (III) ]

…continued from [ Strangers, Redefined (II) ]


The bus ride seems long at first but the scenes along the road we have never passed before appear to compensate for the time.

Jet lag. Sunny. Sleepy. Beautiful sunrise.


Strange, my mind is in a mess. Words and ideas are scattered around my brain, disconnected from one another. I have these uncontrollable mixed feelings.

I want to rest and sleep until we reach the destination but yet jet lag is overtaking my conscience. I want to interact with them, to appear friendly, to make this trip a fun and memorable one but I’m not sure how to start. I want to take out my camera and capture the glistening rays of the golden sun.

I don’t know which task I should carry out first, or whether to even do anything at all.


I’m too tired to sleep. Yes, my body controlling system is messy like that. I’m too lazy to turn my body and use the part of my brain that manages social skill, if there is any, to utter the first “hello”. I’m too timid to grab my shades to protect my eyes from the UV rays (does that even make sense?) and too modest to be seen with a DSLR (what?).

Since the latter may instead boost my pride (now, you see?), I decide to do just that.

The body, a sleep-deprived one especially, is truly an unpredictable entity. It seems to do what it’s not supposed to and doesn’t seem to do what it’s supposed to. Does any body get that? Huh, it can even generate a pun at a time such as this.


Soon, my pompous look and the shuttering noise from my camera breaks the dull and silent atmosphere in the bus. When I turn my head, the younger brother (whom I have previously mentioned as the older one but is now discovered to be the opposite, thanks to the incredible tuning capability of my ears to the frequency of other people’s conversation) has his shades on and his camera ready, too.

And then, I sneak a glance at his older brother who is sitting behind him. He looks calm, staring through the window, with a headset on and his iPod in his hand. So oblivious to his surroundings, to me. Totally the opposite of his sibling.

Finally, the bus stops. I can’t wait to explore the new place!

It’s time to alight when our eyes meet. Unfortunately, my lips are too stiff to curl up a smile.


…to be continued


Have you ever felt that your own body is stranger than strangers themselves? What did you do to tame it?





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