[ When pumpkin costume is no longer in trend ]

Yay! Halloween is coming in a week’s time!


Source: topdreamer.com


Source: tumblr


Source: tumblr


Source: tumblr


Source: tumblr


Not excited, I am a coward, sorry.

Unlike in the US and other parts of the world, we don’t really dress up that much for the Halloween. There is no ‘trick or treat’. Instead, I keep all the sweets to myself and grow cavities nobody knows about. There are no carved pumpkins lit up with candles or decorative lights outside our doors. Nothing.

Fret not! Even if you are planning to come to Singapore during this period of time, there are still some entertainments frights available for you such as Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights and Sentosa Spooktacular. No, I don’t get paid for promoting these events.

Oh, back to the costume thing.

Since I would never get to wear a pumpkin costume (well, unless I am picked as a background cast for a Halloween drama), I thought I would show you some inspirations to set your mood right for the upcoming bewitching festival. You know, bewitching, get it? ;)

Okay, not funny, sorry.


Date Night
Comic Writer
Bat Girl

Spooky cheers,





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