[ How to not become (not) lazy ]

The biggest fear a student would ever face in his/ her education history is assignment and exam, and EXAM. Frustrations and distractions keep haunting in the every day and night approaching the D-Day. No amount of caffeine is sufficient to combat the lethargy and mental stress it causes. No amount of relaxation and comfort is able to compensate for the sleepless nights and eternally darkened eye bags. No amount of future rewards is enough to motivate and keep the ‘studying’ momentum going. The lists go on forever and I’m too lazy to list them down.

How ironic, now I’m going to give you some tips on how to not become not lazy.

Read the title of your textbooks and know what your notes are about.
This will indefinitely lower your expectation of how interesting your life would be in the next few hours with all the foreign terms and concepts you’d encounter. As the mind will be clouded by many questions you would have never thought you’d have, the level of curiosity and eagerness to seek the truth will decrease rapidly with time.

Ease up and wind down by listening to your favourite songs.

Things will be more easily absorbed when your mind is clear and I find that music does just that. This effect will be amplified if the songs in your playlist are the ones you can sing along or even dance to. Suddenly, you will realize that the things you were meant to absorb would no longer matter as music also clears them off your mind.

Have adequate sleep.

Sleep has been proven to help improve memory and is one of my most cherished pastimes. It is so enjoyable that I get addicted to it easily and end up wanting more. I used to think that taking power naps in between studying would help improve my brain capacity to store data. Unfortunately, it works for everyone but me. Besides, I like to go all out (uninterrupted sleep) because doing something half-heartedly (short nap) doesn’t satisfy.


Wait up, I think I have forgotten the purpose of creating this blog in the first place! It is to encourage instead of discourage, to give rise to change instead of give in to it, to look for fault to improve instead of to look for fault to blame on.

So, the correct title of this post should be ‘how to not become lazy’, shouldn’t it?

Well, I guess you just need to negate everything I have listed above.






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