[ Everyone deserves a second chance ]

I. Am. Sorry.

And I am not trying to plead for excuses. I am guilty even before proven innocent.


I know I have gone missing for over a month and no amount of future posts will be tantamount to all those times that were lost. I am itching to spill out all my justification here but there I said it at the second line of this post. Almost a month has passed by in this new year and I seem to be still living in the last year. Reality has not seeped in yet in my wandering mind and soul. I am still living in my dreamland with lullaby sung to my apathetic ears.

I did not set any new year resolutions. I did not start new habits, unless you count not blogging for 28 days when you are supposed to as one. I did not do things that imply “hey, it’s new year and you’ve got to get off your ass!” since all I had been doing was sitting on my ass and reflecting upon those moments in the past I should have or not have done.

Let bygone be bygone. Sigh.


I am awake now, or at least I am standing on my numb feet with my eyes half-closed. I had not been using my legs a lot, you see? I am now determined to start afresh and take this point of time as my new beginning. Although my new year is lagging one month behind everybody else, we all know that different individuals have their own pace of life. Mine apparently is taking its own sweet time in the dreamland.

As cliché as it sounds, everyone makes mistake and nobody is perfect. Humans are not wired in a way that every single thing they produce is right and flawless. Wait, what is the definition of those adjectives, again?

We all have our highs and lows, our mountains and valleys, our glorious moments and disappointment. If all we encountered in life were happiness and none of its less fortunate counterpart, would we still appreciate it as we do now?

I would not. After all, everyone would be as tall as you or as short (?), as smart or dumb (?), as rich or poor (?). I would not have been able to appreciate adjectives anymore. Truth hurts but we gotta know it to appreciate it.

The point of my long-winded and beat-around-the-bush narration is actually as clear as the title is. Everyone deserves a second chance and yes, I boldly say I do.

Forgive me, will you, buddy?

To atone myself for the sin(s), I want to make a few realistic new year blogging resolutions. Despite the fact that many of us fail to stick to them until the end of the year almost every year, I believe it is important to set a direction as to where we are heading in case we get lost. Or, perhaps we could consider the possibility of using super glue.

  • Put up at least ONE blog post per week excluding dailypost’s challenge
  • Do a MONTHLY update of my life
  • Participate in dailypost’s challenge at least ONCE a week

Start small and it will end up big at the end of the year, like you will post once a day, perhaps?


Farewell to 2013 and cheers to 2014,


Source of images: tumblr

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