[ January’s update ]

I THANK YOU if you are reading this now because I cannot think of a more appealing and less obvious title. After all, I learned my lesson not to exhaust myself to beat around the bush. If you are thinking what this post is for, I promised here to create monthly updates to fulfil one of my yearly blogging resolutions. Basically, it will be a recap of any fascinating events that took place in my life. I will try my best to generate those moments, or perhaps simply squeeze out any least mundane occurrences. Not everyday is a roller coaster ride, right? I would have peed in my pants and thrown up many times if that were the case.

Fasten your seatbelt, lower down the harness. Do not fall asleep.


  • First week
    I was still in my hometown (Indonesia, if you are curious. Read the about page!) enjoying my mom’s cooking, which is heavenly, and living each day as if there was always tomorrow, which I have proven there is. If not, how else am I still here talking to you in writing unless I automatized my WordPress posting schedule beforehand and knew that that tomorrow would never come so I had already prepared to tell you this? Whoa, I can tell the future! BUT too bad, I am no  longer here, I cannot help you. Sorry.


  • Second week
    School just started and I was already so occupied, with distractions. This was the week with the record of highest productivity, ever! I finished watching episodes of the TV show, The Vampire Diaries, up to the latest one. I satisfied my cravings to watch Master Chef while salivating and feasting my eyes on the sumptuous foods only one screen away from me. Ugh, so close yet so far. Practically, YouTube was my second home. The place where I had my three (or more) meals in a day, where I built one-way relationships, where I laughed and cried.


  • Third week
    Back to work. I finally applied for study exchange programme for the next semester to Europe! I literally spent days and nights researching about different academic curriculum in different universities that could match my course. It was seriously no mean feat. Anyway, I major in Chemistry (Read the about page!) and that makes it more difficult. Just 90 minutes before the application closed, I decided on the 6 choices: University of Edinburgh & Manchester & York (UK), Uppsala University (Sweden), Technical University of Denmark, and Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany!). I will know the result of my placement on Valentine’s Day. Oh, so appropriate.

             P.S. If you have any personal information or opinion regarding any of the universities, let me know PLEASE.


  • Fourth week
    Yeah, so it was last week. Wait, what did I do?


Cheers to pure baloney,





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2 thoughts on “[ January’s update ]

  1. Yep! Life is a roller coaster ride; but not necessarily everyday. Well, not so in the professors realm everyday is a roller coaster day for him. Yes, most days it brings him to tears and if it wasn’t for the Punchyish nature he would not be around to post this you know??? dadblameit!

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