[ Two is better than one ]

Darkness is all I can see.
The breezy silent atmosphere does not stop me from going in.
The eerie creaking sound does not affect me.
The skeletons and coffins do not dampen my courage.
I just follow the guided path and I am going to be okay.

I keep muttering the mantra religiously as if my life depends on it. A few minutes has passed and soon it is going to be my turn. I really hope the reality matches well with my expectation. After all, I am never a fan of horror.

If not for the jolting pesters and relentless teasing, I would not have been in the queue in the first place. I wonder why we have to explore individually when obviously two is better than one especially in such a grave situation. I used to remember in my childhood that going to the bathroom alone in the wee hours, pun intended, was worse than a nightmare I had just had.


The personnel beckons me to enter the mystery. I stand there holding my breath and realize that he seems slightly frustrated as I am holding up the queue behind me, too. The word please has never sounded as torturing. I muster all the courage left of me, shrug it off and take the biggest leap of my life.

With both hands, I grab the man in front of me and commence the journey. After all, two is better than one?


That story accurately depicts my blogging journey with WordPress. I had set expectations for myself at the beginning of my commitment to start blogging that I would be doing well, exceedingly well. That meant no words such as writer’s block, missed deadlines, crappy posts would ever be registered in my dictionary. Sooner than later did I realize that these things were what exactly happened to me. After all, I was never a fan of writing.

If not for the likes and comments notifications that popped up minutes, hours, or even days after I clicked that Publish button; I would not have still been here flaunting my inferior language skills. Your support, your compliments, your feedbacks are the things that have kept me virtually sane.


The word please has never seemed as desperate as such a time like this. Keep supporting, complimenting, and feeding me with backs (?) for as long as I will you.

If you were here with me, I would surely grab your hand, ask you to log into your account and press that Like button. After all, two is better than one?

2nd anniv



2nd anniversary cheers to my blog,


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