[ February’s update ]

I THANK YOU if you are reading this now because I cannot think of a more appealing and less obvious title. After all, I learned my lesson not to exhaust myself to beat around the bush. If you are thinking what this post is for, I promised here to create monthly updates to fulfil one of my yearly blogging resolutions.

January’s update

February is the lovey-dovey month, my birthday month, and the second month of 2014 (duh!). Despite its facade of being a harmonious, lovely, and trouble-free time of the year, the real life set in and took its toll on my sanity.

  • First week

Feasting in the name of Chinese New Year went on, for 15 days, and on even though the festival ended this week. Although I could not celebrate with my family back home, it was a time of reunion with old and new friends here. As most of the Chinese would say, we wished for more prosperity and blessings in the coming year! I already gained something soon after, though.



  • Second week

If you have been following me on my Instagram, you’ll know that I attended a friend’s son’s first birthday. All firsts are always so exciting that the birthday boy fell deeply asleep in the middle of the Sesame Street-themed party due to overwhelming attention. Pardon my unfounded reasoning but see for yourself in the picture below!


  • Third week

In my last month’s update, I mentioned that I would be receiving the result of my exchange application on Valentine’s day. I am grateful that the odds have been in my favor! Although it cannot be confirmed yet, I am hopefully heading to the UK this autumn (which, in Singapore’s calendar, is around August)! One strike in my to-do lists! Valentine’s day is not always so depressing for singles, after all. My birthday fell this week, too! So far, so good.


  • Fourth week

I had many meet-ups with long-lost friends, which were great! I realized as I grow older, the number of friends does not increase as rapidly as when I was younger. Many have stayed, many more have departed. Deeper is the way to go, man!


That sums up my slightly-less-ordinary month! Phew, 10 more updates to go this year!



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