[ Farewell gift idea ]

What you need:

– A journal, preferably non-ruled
– Colorful pens or markers
– Drawing pen (0.35 mm is perfect!)
– Scissors
– Double-sided tape
– Stickers
– Photos (a lot of them in different sizes!)
– Creativity and some determination


What you can do:

– Put up a fancy and outstanding cover page
– Explain what the journal a.k.a. the gift is all about (in foreword, perhaps?)
– Make good use of stickers to enhance your message and NOT to simply occupy empty spaces
– Hand-write or type messages in fancy fonts (go to dafont.com for inspiration!)
– Insert appropriate quotes in between messages
– Include in the “portfolio” of the gift receiver e.g. achievements, events participated, competitions joined
– Big group photos, smaller group photos, personal photos, childhood photos, baby photos (you name them!)
– A touching sign-off using quotes or messages
– Squeeze your creative juices!



P.S. I highly recommend the journal from monologue as it is really suitable for a lot of gluing and doodling with markers due to its drawing-paper-thickness (look for 90 gsm paper!). The scented markers from smiggle are very functional, too, since they are not only colorful but also enticing in case you fall asleep from writing too much.



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