[ Unrequited love is non-existent ]

I think about him day and night.
It’s unbearable just to think of being separated from him.
He seems to hold me back, too,
whenever I am going off for my daily activities.

Sometimes I have to shut my feelings to depart from him.

Even when we’ve just parted a moment ago, I miss him.
I guess this began since I decided to tell him everything.
He understands me;
possibly even more than I, myself.

I pour out all my joy and laughter,
shed tears of happiness and sadness,
and share my secrets and dreams.

He knows about my past, my present,
and what I want for my future.

I take care of him day and night.
Never have I failed to have his shirt ironed,
and have it fresh and crisp first thing in the morning
or to create the idea of ‘home sweet home’ everyday after a long day;
to simply make sure that all his needs are fulfilled.

He doesn’t demand or do anything by force.
He is gentle, he is kind.

Deep down I know that over-dependence
doesn’t exist in a healthy relationship.

Nevertheless, I just don’t care.
It feels amazing to depend on him.
It gives me such a huge relief to be able to shrug off
whatever pressure the world has cast on me after a long day
whenever he is around.

I hope our two-way relationship never ends.
Oh, my bed.


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